Organization: World Vision
Closing date: 15 Mar 2022

Representation of the International NGO “World Vision”, Program in Abkhazia is seeking qualified consultants for Consultancy services in Social Work.

The purpose of the consultancy:

As the current project phase expands the community-based social services onto new communities, 28 newly identified para-SWs need to be trained on the same set of skills as their peers from the previously targeted locations. Thus, this consultancy will ensure to introduce Social work concept, provide tools and implementation guidance to the 28 newly mobilized para-social workers to promote social work practices at the community level and further strengthen the emerging social work services in Abkhazia.

A refresher training on Social Work skills and practices need to be organized for the experienced 41 community based para-social workers that have been operating since 2015. As an outcome, an enhanced knowledge of social work and its best practices will strengthen both the existing and emerging community based child protection structures and build a basis for community-based child protection initiatives. Human Rights Based Approach as well as gender sensitive approach will be widely promoted.

Further on, the consultancy will help the local stakeholders to explore on the existing models of an integrated social work and child protection service to define how the established community-based child protection mechanisms can better sustain after the project end. For this purpose, a joint workshop with key stakeholders will be organized and facilitated by the consultant.

The key expected outputs of this consultancy are:

Ø To develop a training program for the newly identified 28 community para-SWs, to include theoretical knowledge and development of practical skills on para-social work. The program should also include specific sub-modules on the rights and empowerment of women and children, the specific protection needs of girls and boys, and other child protection related issues. The para-social training module should be in line with the developed conceptual framework for social work practices in Abkhazia and the training program developed for social workers.

Ø To deliver the social work training program via an online mode for the 28 newly identified para-social workers. The training program should include the Social Work concept, the existing conceptual framework of social work established in Abkhazia, the concept of informal supportive mechanisms, as well as to train participants with theoretical knowledge and practical skills on social work. During the training session existing networks will be reviewed horizontally (at the community level – WV, partner NGOs, other community based stakeholders specifically looking at teachers, youth facilitators, Community Initiative Groups, nurses, Child Development Centres) and vertically (at the district and national level) that can be utilized to support community based Child Protection practices and interventions.

Ø To conduct a one-day refresher training via an online mode for the experienced group of 41 para-social workers to update their knowledge and skills on social work in line with the most up to date Social Work approaches and practices; a group reflection on challenges, lessons learned and best practices will be held and further recommendations provided.

Ø To conduct a one-day workshop via an online mode with a group of experienced community-based para-SWs, district SWs and the key CP stakeholders to explore on the existing models of an integrated social work and child protection service to define how the established community-based child protection mechanisms can better sustain after the project end. **

Ø Since the current project seeks to elaborate gender specific approaches to promote and integrate gender equality in targeted communities of Abkhazia, gender aspects should be incorporated in the suggested capacity building workshop and events. With this end, throughout delivery of the training program for different project stakeholders an ongoing reflection should be facilitated by the consultant on protective needs of boys and girls and what gender sensitive approaches should be considered when addressing child protection issues. A one-hour briefing on the gender integration will be held with the project team in advance to the training sessions to ensure gender considerations are mainstreamed throughout the consultancy. Short analysis of the groups’ reflection results should be presented in the consultancy report.**

Ø The consultant will also develop pre- & posttests, monitoring tools, relevant guidelines on Social Work (summarized presentations & handouts), and hand them over in advance to the project team.

Ø Consultancy report will be provided upon delivery of the consultancy reflecting main achievements and challenges observed during the training (based on the provided template); recommendations will be provided for further improvements of the existing social work practices in Abkhazia and capacity building needs of both groups’ trainees; the workshop outcomes and the suggested approach to sustainable phase out strategy should be included in the report.

Inter alia the project teams (both WV and Project Partner) will be participating in the training sessions and the workshop to further build their capacity and get empowered to ensure quality monitoring of this project activity.

Detailed TOR is RFQ documentation is attached.

Interested candidates (companies or individuals) should submit the following documents:

ü Legal registration/certification (if available)

ü CV (Curriculum Vita) with Business questionnaire (attached)

ü Proposed budget Breakdown with Work Timeline

ü Signed Supplier Code of Conduct (attached)

Submission Guidelines:

Applications can be submitted by e-mail or in sealed envelopes at the address given below:

World Vision Abkhazia Program

16 Pushkin Str.,

Sukhum or via email,

office phone +7840 2262449.

Subject line of the e-mail and/or outer side of the envelope should be clearly marked “Consultant on Social Work practices”**

Bid Submission is due by 15 March 2022, 15:00

Complete package of documentation is available on this link:

Questions should be emailed directly to:

How to apply:

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