Job Title: Video Production of Two 6-Minute Educational Videos – UNGO Jobs

Organization: The Alliance for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action
Closing date: 2 May 2022


Project Title: Video Production of Two 6-Minute Educational Videos

Organization: Save the Children Sweden / CPMS Working Group

Station: Remote

Budget: USD 17,000

Timeline: May-July 2022

The deadline for submitting proposals is Monday, 2 May 2022 at 13:00PM CEST.


Within the Alliance for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action, Save the Children and UNICEF co-lead the Working Group for the Minimum Standards for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action (CPMS). The Working Group aims to strengthen quality and accountability in humanitarian child protection programming through the promotion, implementation, and institutionalization of the CPMS.

The CPMS are an essential tool to ensure that children of all ages, gender and ability who are affected by crisis are protected and their well-being and healthy development is supported. The CPMS set out key actions to ensure children’s protection in preparedness, prevention and response are applicable across all humanitarian contexts, including disasters, refugee crises, internal displacement, conflict, and infectious disease outbreaks.

On behalf of the Alliance’s CPMS Working Group, Save the Children Sweden is looking for a video production company to create two videos according to the following brief.


The aim of these two educational videos is to raise awareness and explain the content of two of the standards of CPMS Pillar 4: Standards to work across sectors:

· Standard 21: Food security and child protection

· Another CPMS Pillar 4 standard: To be decided.

The videos will highlight the value of cross-sectoral collaboration. Their focus will be on how humanitarian actors, both specialized on child protection as well as on food security and another humanitarian sector (to be decided), can strengthen child protection and well-being by implementing the CPMS standards.

The primary audience of the video are child protection practitioners and humanitarian actors who work in food security and another sector at the country, regional and global level.

The video will be disseminated via the Alliance’s website and social media, and through global, regional and country-level capacity building events and trainings.


Create two videos with the following specifications:

  • Length: Around six minutes in English, with a maximum of seven minutes.
  • Format: Voice narration over video footage (B-roll) and animated visuals inspired on the CPMS handbook, plus 2-3 interviews of humanitarian practitioners.
  • Languages: Both videos to be done in four languages: English, Arabic, French and Spanish.

The videos must be consistent with other videos in the same series, namely:

· CPMS Pillar 3:

· CPMS Pillar 4:

· CPMS Standard 9:

NB, unlike the videos linked above, the two videos discussed in this brief will not include open captions.


• Provide the videos’ draft scripts.

• Provide translations of the motion graphics’ texts, the VOs and interviews’ transcripts.

• Provide professionally recorded VOs (in four languages) and of dubbed interviews (in three languages).

• Provide edited, ready-to-use video interviews (in one language, either EN, FR, or SP).

• Review and provide feedback on the draft storyboards.

• Review and provide feedback on the draft edited videos.

• Provide the necessary logos and visuals.

• Provide access to ample video footage libraries ensuring enough quality B-roll for the two videos is readily available to the video company.


• Review the draft scripts, providing feedback and input to help the CPMS Working Group finalize them.

• Develop a detailed storyboard and review it based on the CPMS Working Group feedback.

• Create motion graphics in alignment with CPMS branding, icons, and the look and feel of the previous videos in the series (see them above).

• Choose the necessary B-roll footage for a dynamic, fast-paced and well-narrated video.

• Provide a suitable music track (the video company must hold the rights for its use).

• Edit and finalize the videos in several language versions, combining B-roll, motion graphics, interviews, and adjusting the respective VOs and dubbed interviews.

• Review the draft edited videos based on the CPMS Working Group feedback.

• Any other technical processes required to accomplish the work. **


• Eight high-definition videos (1920×1080) with a format and compression that makes them apt to be uploaded to YouTube.

• The compiled project, with all assets used and NLE project file included, of the two videos in four languages, as well as of the animations in four languages.


The video production company will review the proposed timeline and, if necessary, recommend amendments to it, considering that the work should ideally be done within a three-month period (May-July 2022).

Proposed timeline (one video):

  • Storyboards, from draft 1 to sign-off: 3 weeks
  • Video production, English version, from draft 1 to sign-off: 4 weeks
  • Video production, AR, FR, FR versions, from draft 1 to sign-off: 2 weeks

The production of both videos can be staggered as needed.


The total budget for this project (two videos) is USD 17,000, all taxes included. The video company will invoice Save the Children Sweden 50% of the project’s total agreed cost at the beginning of the work and 50% after the completion of the work upon satisfactory submission of all deliverables.


It is expected that the video production company has experience in producing quality video content and is able to translate complex ideas into clear and easy-to-grasp visual content and narratives.

More specifically, the video production company will demonstrate:

• Experience in video production and competency implementing and managing similar projects.

• Experience developing video explainers.

• Proven ability to develop creative work.

• High level of professionalism.

• Ability to communicate in English and develop videos in multiple languages, including Arabic.

How to apply:


Interested video production companies should submit:

  1. An itemized quotation for an English-only production of one 6-7-minute video.

  2. An itemized quotation for each additional language (AR, FR, SP) of one 6-7-minute video.

  3. An assessment of the proposed timeline to produce both videos.

  4. A portfolio demonstrating experience and competency in similar projects.

Proposals will be evaluated based on the quality of the portfolio and the quoted costs.

Questions to clarify any aspect of this brief and complete proposals should be sent by email to

The deadline for submitting proposals is Monday, 2 May 2022 at 13:00PM CEST.