Country: Philippines
Organization: The Asia Foundation
Closing date: 27 Apr 2022


Quality Assurance Framework

I. Project: Strengthening Rule of Law through Legal Aid Clinics in the Philippines

(Legal Aid Project Phase 3)

II. Background

The Asia Foundation, with support from the U.S. Department of State Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs, is continuing its implementation of Strengthening Rule of Law through Legal Aid Clinics in the Philippines (Legal Aid Project). The Legal Aid Project aims to help strengthen and promote the rule of law in the Philippines by increasing access to free, quality legal services. The Asia Foundation works in partnership with the Supreme Court of the Philippines, the Legal Education Board (LEB), and the Philippine Association for Law Schools (PALS) to enhance clinical legal education programs in law schools. The Project also collaborates with legal aid practitioners and organizations to establish a national network of legal aid clinics.

The uneven capacities of law schools in complying with the Revised Rule requires the creation of uniform standards to measure their performance and compliance. Law schools will benefit from having an institutional quality assurance framework by which to assess the progress of their efforts to establish a law clinic. The framework will also be the building blocks for a monitoring tool that may be used by institutions with oversight over the law schools like the Supreme Court of the Philippines and the LEB, not only for purposes of regulation, but also for policy assessment and determination of further assistance and guidance for the implementors of the Revised Rule.

The Foundation is looking for a consultant to develop a Quality Assurance Framework for law clinic to help determine and measure performance of the clinics based on available data and the variables determined in the framework and develop a monitoring tool following such framework. The Quality Assurance Framework and the Monitoring Toolkit will be turned over to the Supreme Court Oversight Committee and the LEB to help them assess the law school’s compliance with the Revised Rule.

III. Scope of Work

1. Work with TAF and the LEB to develop a Quality Assurance Framework;

2. Work on a Research on Legal Aid Requirements and Caseload Data

a. Update the empirical study of the Foundation on the legal aid requirements of the poor and the availability of legal services in the country

b. Update the data on caseload data and CLEP compliance information of the law schools from the baseline study of the Foundation

c. Integrate data gathered in the research to the Quality Assurance Framework and the Monitoring Toolkit

d. Provide updates on the status of the data gathering to the Legal Education Board and Supreme Court Oversight Committee;

3. Present final framework tool output to key officials of the Foundation and its partner institutions, as needed; and

4. Perform such functions inherent, incidental or essential to the abovementioned tasks as may be directed by The Foundation.

Other Details:

● Details of the engagement will be discussed and finalized with the chosen contractor

● 10-month part-time engagement

● Professional fee will be paid upon review and approval of milestones submitted

How to apply:

This is for a remote work set-up.

For more details, access the Terms of Reference here:

Interested applicants should send in their The Asia Foundation Application Form (, EBD Form (, and sample written documents (if any) to on or before 4 PM on 27 April 2022.

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