Shririki House Administrator – Intern NGO Vacancy | UNGO Jobs

Job Title: Shririki House Administrator – Intern

Country: Kenya
Organization: Sustainet Group Limited
Closing date: 12 Jan 2022

1.0) Office Management

· Receive guests’ clients and vendors

· Handling courier servies

· Meeting room bookings

· Orders & payment of café services

· Maintain entire office facility in a well-organized manner, all furniture and equipment in the designated areas

· Supervise service providers and maintain a monthly report on service provision

· Act as a liaison between the landlord/caretaker on services provided by the building management i.e security, cleaning, parking, electricity, water, generator etc.

· Covering reception duties outside of office hours when needed by clients.

2.0) Asset management

· Maintain asset register for SH1

· Maintain asset tag list for SH1

· Maintain asset insurance list and documentation for SH Kenya

· Monitor asset utilization for Sh1 private and shares space

3.0) Sales and marketing

· Understand Shiriki House products, services and value proposition to be able to offer solutions to clients

· Prospect for new business and offer tailor made solutions that fir potential new clients office space needs

· Assist to gather and maintain market intelligence for new business opportunities and product development

· Assist in marketing the company on social media portals and be active to promote the brand

4.0) Client management

· Provide professional service to prospective clients

· Detailed tour of our offices

· Provide client on boarding and staff orientation of our offices

· Manage client communication in regard to service provision, maintenance of the space

· Maintain a healthy relationship with our clients that ensures that we are keeping up to date with their services requirements and troubleshoot/resolve any issues that come up

· Help plan and organize community events in collaboration with SH supervisor

5.0) Communication

· Professional communication and etiquette when communicating to clients, vendors and colleagues

· Receive and dispatch of office parcels and letters and follow up to confirm receival from the recipient

· Stay informed of all site and policy changes as they occur and be able to communicate them to SH members.

6.0) Procurement & Requisitions

· Assist in procuring items following the procurement policy and procedures

· Assist in sourcing for quotations and make an analysis based on the most efficient vendor, cost and quality

· Maintain the petty cash kitty in accordance with the finance guidelines monthly

· Procure, maintain and remit the café consumables on a monthly basis

· Maintain all procurement and requisition monitoring tools monthly

7.0) General repair and maintenance

· Assist in maintaining and ensure general repair and maintenance services are carried out for all assets in the office

· Assist in maintaining shared spaces and ensure they are disinfected on a regular basis as per the set Covid-19 rules and regulations

8.0) Record Management

· Assist in maintaining SH PAL portal by categorizing and filling all procurement, administration and legal documents for Shiriki House

· Assist in obtaining the maintain all statutory and legal documentation for SH Kenya

· Assist in maintaining and updating Shiriki House PAL monitoring sheets on a monthly basis

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