Job Title: Senior Partnerships Advisor – UNGO Jobs

Country: United States of America
Organization: UNOPS
Closing date: 28 Apr 2022

Background Information – Job-specific

New York Service Cluster (NYSC) supports the United Nations Secretariat, as well as other New York-based United Nations organizations, bilateral and multilateral partners in the delivery of UNOPS mandate in project management, infrastructure management, and procurement management. NYSC includes the following business units:

Peace and Security Cluster (PSC) is a principal service provider in the field of mine action with the United Nations Mine Action Service (UNMAS), Governments of mine-affected countries and other mine action partners. The Director is responsible to administer, provide support and oversight of the day-to-day management of the Project Field offices, both according to the client requirements and in line with UNOPS rules and regulations. It is headed by the Director who has the overall authority and accountability for the performance of the Peace and Security Cluster on behalf of its clients.

Sustainable Development Cluster (SDC) supports diverse partners with their peacebuilding, humanitarian and development operations. It was formed by combining the following portfolios: Grants Management Services (GMS), UN Technology Support Services (UNTSS), Development and Special Initiatives Portfolio (DSIP) It provides Services to partners’ programmes that are designed, structured, and managed with a global perspective and primarily serving partners that are headquartered in New York. The SDC has a footprint of approximately 125 countries.

Under the guidance and direct supervision of the NYSC Regional Director, (RD) and in consultation with the NYSC senior management team as needed, the Senior Partnerships Advisor will lead in the implementation of the NYSC Strategy which focuses on:

  • Partnerships for Impact
  • Innovation and Thought Leadership
  • Nurturing and Investment in Internal Capabilities

Similarly, the Senior Partnerships Advisor will take the lead in actioning and tracking/reporting progress of the NYSC Engagement Plan with the UN Secretariat and the business development investment project that supports NYSC efforts to expand and diversify NYSC client base.

The Senior Partnerships Advisor will work across the New York Service Cluster under guidance of the Regional Director and coordinate with NYSC Cluster and Portfolio Managers as well as UNOPS PLG and NYBER, leading the efforts to develop and strengthen relationships with the UN system of organizations, IFIs and other current and potential partners for NYSC.

Functional Responsibilities

The Senior Partnerships Advisor will be responsible for the following functions:

  1. Partnerships development, business acquisition and growth which include the following responsibilities:

  2. Coordinate the implementation of the 2020 – 2024 business development strategy for UNOPS NYSC, development of a business plan 2022 – 2024 and lead the annual updates of NYSC business strategy;

  3. Coordinate implementation of the UN Secretariat Engagement Plan and NYSC business development investment project

  4. Coordinate donor and partner mapping exercise covering both the development and humanitarian landscape;

  5. Advise the NYSC RD and Senior Management Team on the possibilities for UNOPS strategic positioning, vis-à-vis the potential partners;

  6. Coordinate preparation of substantive briefs on specific partners, UNOPS strategic positioning, and partnership opportunities;

  7. Establish working relationships with key potential partners and attend relevant meetings to position UNOPS as a partner of choice;

  8. Develop high specification presentations and other communications and visibility materials to position UNOPS value proposition with prospective partners and influential networks

  9. Lead, manage and coordinate agreement negotiations, drafting of project proposals, budget and other partnership and programme development documents;

  10. Coordinate and maintain regular communication with the Corporate Partnership Group (PLG) in UNOPS HQ in Copenhagen and New York Board and External Relations Office (NYBER) NYBER in UNOPS NY;

  11. Coordinate and collaborate with relevant partnerships and programme personnel at the country, regional and UNOPS HQ level to ensure aligned and coherent interactions with partners

  12. Knowledge management, innovation and technical support, including the following responsibilities:

  13. Advise on the policy-level issues related to partnerships and programme development for UNOPS NYSC;

  14. Assess and keep abreast of the emerging trends in the development and humanitarian spheres in NYSC as relates to UNOPS services.

  15. Identify and synthesize best practices and lessons learnt as related to partnership and programme development.

  16. Implement standards, tools and templates provided by PLG to manage partnership and programme development within NYSC effectively;

  17. Contribute to UNOPS capacity development as related to partnerships, including promoting learning, coaching and mentoring the team members, field staff on UNOPS policy and practices for effective management of partnerships;

  18. Participate in, conduct the relevant training for the operations/projects personnel, and participate in field missions.

  19. Contribute to knowledge networks and communities of practice.

  20. Lead effective coordination of the NYSC offices’ Partnerships specialists.

  21. NYSC helps ensure that projects are executed to the highest standards, providing a shared knowledge base and ensuring that best practices and lessons are disseminated between projects across the entire region.

  22. Coordination and collaboration with UNOPS Regional Partnerships Advisors.

  23. Efficient partner relationships and organizational work ethics and culture, including the following responsibilities:

  24. Actively engage with partners to solicit feedback and gauge their satisfaction with UNOPS services;

  25. Coordinate implementation of partner surveys within NYSC as appropriate.

  26. Undertake advocacy, public information and communication activities in collaboration with PLG, when required.

  27. Actively engage with internal stakeholders.

  28. Demonstrate professional and personal ethics, transparency and openness.

  29. Perform other duties as may be reasonably required and in line with the incumbent’s scope of services above.

Education/Experience/Language requirements

Female Candidates are strongly encouraged to apply
a. Education

  • Master’s Degree or equivalent preferably in Business Administration, Political Science, International Relations, International Development, Social Sciences or a related discipline is required.
  • A first-level university degree (bachelor’s) in combination with required qualifying experience may be accepted in lieu of the advanced university degree.

b. Work Experience

  • At least seven (7) years of relevant experience in an international development context combining the following:
  • Strategy development and execution
  • In-depth knowledge of development issues and current donor and sectoral trends, with emphasis on a deep understanding of the UN system of organizations, the partner/donor landscape, is required;
  • Experience in dealing and negotiating with external stakeholders is required;

Desirable: (The following experience is optional. Candidates who do not have it are welcome to apply)

  • In-depth knowledge of development issues and current donor and sectoral trends, with emphasis on International Financing Institutions would be an asset;
  • Knowledge of NYSC partner/donor landscape as well as issues and challenges relevant to NYSC portfolios, would be desirable;
  • Previous experience within the UN system is an asset

c. Language:

  • Fluency in English is required
  • Fluency/working knowledge of another UN language is an asset

How to apply:

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