Country: Lebanon
Organization: Jesuit Refugee Service
Closing date: 28 Apr 2022

General Purpose of the Position

The Regional Communications and Advocacy Officer develops and implements JRS MENA regional communications strategy. S/he produces media materials:

· to raise awareness about the refugee situation in the MENA Region;

· to illustrate the work of JRS;

· to promote activism among the JRS target audience;

· to empower the voice of refugees;

· to promote awareness of key migration-related issues.

S/he ensures that JRS maintains and builds our presence on social media, increases our audience reach to involve them in campaigns and advocacy, and produces high-quality materials that support both advocacy and fundraising.

S/he is as well responsible for the development and implementation of the JRS advocacy strategy at regional and country level. Work is done in close cooperation with country and project staff, JRS advocacy and communications staff in the International Office, JRS USA and other regions and Jesuit related institutions (organisations, universities…).

The Regional Communications and Advocacy Officer will therefore chair the Regional Advocacy Task Force and host regular meetings with Communications Officers.

The position reports to the JRS Regional Director, and works closely with the Country Communications Officers or focal person in JRS MENA Country Offices, and other JRS Advocacy and Communications teams (e.g. International Office, USA, Europe…).

Main Responsibilities of the Position

1. Direction of the Communications Work:

a) With the JRS MENA region Advocacy/Communications task force, develops and reviews the regional communications strategy, including the media strategy, of JRS MENA;

b) Communicates the mission, vision, values, and activities of JRS throughout the region to specific target groups as well as to a wider audience;

c) Implements JRS International guidelines for Communications;

d) Coordinates work on the JRS MENA website and JRS MENA social media accounts and supports the JRS International Office in its website development work;

e) Coordinates the production and dissemination of e-publications and other information materials;

f) Coordinates contributions from the region to JRS International publications and identifies non-JRS publications and websites for publication of JRS-related content;

g) Facilitates and encourages communications and advocacy work within JRS MENA.

2. Finance and Budgeting:

a) Coordinates production of materials for specifically defined donor groups with those responsible for fundraising;

b) Is responsible for the budget of the communications activities;

c) Proactively search for donors who may fund advocacy work and submit proposals for country or regional advocacy projects.

3. Capacity Building, Training, and Care for Personnel:

a) Provides or procures training for field and other key staff in the region on communications, media, and photography skills;

b) Participates in the recruitment of staff related to communications in the Region;

c) Chairs the Regional Advocacy Task Force, leading regular online meetings and in-person workshop on a regular basis;

d) Provides training to enhance staff awareness of advocacy, knowledge of basic advocacy skills, participation and information-collection for advocacy;

e) Sources external training on advocacy and communications for staff;

f) Regularly communicates with and supports advocacy and communications staff;

g) Visits JRS MENA Countries regularly.

4. Communications:

a) Collaborates with the JRS International Office on joint communications initiatives and activities;

b) Maintains regular contact with Country Directors and, where appropriate, with field personnel and Project Directors;

c) Edits and supervises production and dissemination of regional publications;

d) Ensures that the database of photos in the region is properly developed and maintained;

e) Ensures production of high-quality photographic images of JRS activities for publications, donors, partners and the media;

f) Ensures that JRS regional media distribution lists are properly maintained and regularly updated; creates and manages database of online donors and supporters;

g) Provides support and direction to Country Offices to develop relevant material for communication to donors and visitors (activity presentation, flyers…).

5. Representation of JRS:

a) Distributes press releases/statements and responds to media and partner requests for information;

b) Facilitates interviews and other cooperation between the media and JRS personnel in the region;

c) Maintains contact with key media partners at the Regional level and the International level;

d) Ensures participation in UN/cluster meetings on request.

6. Development and Implementation of JRS Advocacy Strategy in the Region:

a) Coordinates, supports Advocacy Focal People and directly implements advocacy work where needed (eg direct lobbying, initiating research, events);

b) Collects data, documents situations of concern and is responsible for the production of written position papers and statements – be it jointly with partner agencies or as JRS;

c) Develops partnerships with local, human rights, humanitarian and UN organisations;

d) Regularly attends relevant advocacy groups at country-level, identifying partners and areas of collaboration and contributing to joint advocacy;

e) Documents and consolidates JRS experience and lessons learnt in the region;

f) Ensures regular communication on work with JRS international and regional advocacy officers, internal JRS advocacy working groups, regional and country teams;

g) Connects the people JRS serves and JRS field staff with decision-makers and ensures their participation at all stages of the advocacy strategy;

h) In collaboration with programmes staff, works to ensure the integration of our advocacy work into the process of project planning and proposals;

i) Works with Advocacy Focal People, Regional Programmes team and Project Directors to integrate objectives, outcome indicators, human resources, budget lines and activities for advocacy (based on advocacy priorities and strategy) into project proposals;

j) Helps to identify means of verification and tools to report on indicators;

k) Helps to report on progress towards indicators in 6 months and yearly reports;

l) Helps staff to make progress towards targets.

Qualifications, Skills, and Personal Attributes

· Compassion and strong commitment for refugees and other displaced people;

· Tertiary education in communications, international relations or related discipline;

· Minimum of 5 years working in Communication/Advocacy;

· Previous experience in NGO working in the Middle-East;

· Minimum of two years working experience in managing websites and social media tools, preferably with a human rights or development organisation;

· Experience in the use of Photoshop software, HTML and web content management systems, as well as good understanding of photography and photo management software. Ability to produce short videos, as well as design printed materials with Adobe InDesign (an advantage);

· Ability to build the capacity of staff and work in a multi-cultural environment;

· Good written and verbal communication skills in Arabic, and excellent working knowledge of English. Any other foreign language is a plus;

· A good understanding of forced migration law and concepts (or equivalent experience);

· Excellent interpersonal, communication, planning, and organizational skills;

· Capacity to take initiatives and bring innovative ideas.

How to apply:

Interested candidates should submit their CV and cover letter to ONLY shortlisted candidates will be contacted. Please mention the position “Regional Communications and Advocacy Officer” in your email subject.

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