Country: Ukraine
Organization: Handicap International – Humanity & Inclusion
Closing date: 24 Apr 2022

Handicap International/Humanity & Inclusion (HI) is an independent and impartial international solidarity organization, which intervenes in situations of poverty and exclusion, conflicts and disasters. Working alongside people with disabilities and vulnerable populations, it acts and speaks out to meet their essential needs, improve their living conditions and promote respect for their dignity and fundamental rights. More info:

HI is committed to an employment policy in favour of disabled workers.


HI is re-opening a two-country program covering Ukraine and Moldova. In Ukraine, HI aims at intervening in the West and East of the country, adapting modalities of intervention to the various and diverging contexts of implementation. Aligning itself with the priorities of the Ukraine Flash Appeal HI pillars of interventions are the following:

· Health: HI aims to improve access to quality physical rehabilitation and mental health and psychosocial services (MHPSS) for conflict-affected vulnerable population. To this extent, HI will conduct direct health service provision to persons with injuries or disabilities while also strengthening the capacity of existing health structures.

· Protection: Recent and ongoing attacks having dangerously exacerbated Explosive Ordnance (EO) contamination in Ukraine, HI will conduct a multi-pronged approach to EO risk education, adaptable to the evolution of the conflict and humanitarian. In addition, HI will not only ensure that persons with disabilities are receiving tailored services throughout its intervention, but will also foster a disability- inclusive humanitarian response.

· Basic needs: to respond to the most acute needs for displaced households hosted by the local population or living in collective centers, HI will ensure they have access to sufficient and appropriate hygiene and Non-Food Items (NFI), including tailored items responding to the specific needs of infants, elderly people and persons with disabilities. To this extend, HI will tailor its intervention modalities upon household needs whilst considering local market capacities in various geographical areas. An approach including in-kind donations, vouchers and/or cash-based transfer will be designed at early stage of the project, in line with the evolution of the specific context

· Humanitarian-to-humanitarian logistics: HI will propose to emergency stakeholders mutualized storage and transportation to ensure delivery of emergency in-kinds as close as possible to the most affected populations.

Given the serious concerns pertaining to persons with disabilities who are faced with increased risks of abandonment, violence, injury and death, HI has also launched an assessment to identify the main risks and barriers for these vulnerable persons as well as their support persons and families focusing on areas of risks, i.e. Institutions, specifically in but not limited to the East.


Under the responsibility of the Program Director, you, as the Operations Manager, contribute within the country to the implementation of the mandate and the 10-year strategy of Handicap International. You ensure optimal quality and impact of the projects implemented in the country, through a delegation system with appropriate control mechanisms.**

You share with all HI managers the responsibility of a sound management and successful functioning of the global organization, through paradigm chain.

Your main missions will be:

Mission 1: Management and coordination:

· You manage approximatively 3 Area Managers and 5 transversal operational staffs

· You organise the operational management of your team, structure the work around identified processes, steer performance and facilitate the resolution of problems. You facilitate coordination meetings between your direct team of Areas and Project Managers and the support services

Mission 2: Strategy and steering

· You contribute to the development of the programme operational strategy, and to its implementation and annual monitoring

· You implement the project part of the Programme’s Operational Strategy

· You ensure deployment and compliance with HI global frameworks, institutional policies and standards: these include:

the mandatory reference frameworks: such as HI Mission & Values or HI Theory of Change: Access to services: all HI’s institutional policies (Security / Code of Conduct and Safeguarding / Anti-fraud, bribery and corruption / PME and Project Quality Framework / Age-Gender-Disability), all institutional directives and processes; delegation thresholds; security levels.

· You ensure the sound management and monitoring of projects

In conjunction with the Technical Unit and the MEAL Unit, ensure that HI quality standards (including technical standards) are applied in the projects, and monitor the implementation of recommendations from support missions, evaluations and audits.

· You develop HI’s external influence (forums, operational and strategic alliances, etc) and the external representation of the organisation (events, media)

Mission 3: Standards and expertise

You ensure deployment and compliance with HI global frameworks, institutional policies and standards

Mission 4: Operational implementation

· You ensure the sound management and monitoring of projects under your responsibility

· You keep both potential opportunities and risks in mind, contribute to the monitoring and analysis done by the line manager, and propose mitigation measures where relevant

· You develop HI’s external influence (forums, operational and strategic alliances, etc) and the external representation of the organisation (events, media) on your area of responsibility.

· You coordinate the teams in your area

· You support the Director in monitoring security in their area and ensure adequate resources according to the context


You hold a degree related to the job such as humanitarian action, political science, international relationships
You have at least 3 years of professional experience in Area/Field/project management in challenging humanitarian contexts
You got proven managerial, representation and Security Management experiences

· You know how to take a step back and be reactive in your decision-making

· You are able to analyse humanitarian issues at national and local level

· Oral and written English is mandatory


Road transport safety: Road conditions sometimes degraded, weather conditions (ice, snow, rain), important traffic jams due to the movement of populations towards the western borders, and other road use behavior (stress, speed, military convoys).

Control by authorities and security actors: Checkpoints on the main roads, and roadblocks at the entrance to villages by soldiers or defense volunteers.

Criminality: Degraded economic situation.

Conflict: Front line relatively well identifiable geographically; Lack of mapping (constantly changing situation), possible presence of IEDs/landmines difficult to identify/recognize.

Health & living conditions: Particularly anxiety-provoking context due to the volatility of the security situation, weapons used, nuclear risks, illegibility of future scenarios, very regular sirens day and night, significant international media coverage involving high demands (personal and professional) on the team. Heavy workload, lack of sleep. Difficult living conditions – base being set-up (housing, food, privacy).


At HI, the conditions offered are up to your commitment and adapted to the context of your mission.

· 6 months International contract starting ideally from beginning of May 2022

· The international contract provides social cover adapted to your situation:**

o Unemployment insurance benefits for EU nationals**

o Pension scheme adapted to the situation of our employees: If you already have a personal pension scheme HI will contribute at the same level of your personal monthly contribution with a maximum of 272.53€/month ; If you do not have a personal pension scheme, we will open a private pension account with your contribution of 272.53€/month and a contribution of HI of the same amount**

o Medical coverage with 50% of employee contribution **

o Repatriation insurance paid by HI**

· Salary from 2860 € gross/month upon experience

· Perdiem: 550 € net/month – paid in the field

· Hardship: 500 € net/month paid with your salary

· Paid leaves: 25 days per year; R&R: 5 days every 8 weeks => + possible transport/package support.

· Position: unaccompanied; Payment for travel costs (air ticket & visa)

· Housing: Collective taken in charge by HI

How to apply:


Only online by joining a CV and cover letter via the following link:

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