Job Title: Moldova: Humanitarian Liaison Officer – Ukraine Regional Refugee Response Location – UNGO Jobs

Country: Moldova
Organization: Internews Network
Closing date: 18 May 2022


The Humanitarian Liaison Officer (HLO) will play a critical role in linking media, civil society, volunteers and national NGOs with the national, regional and international humanitarian coordination and support mechanisms. They will work closely with Internews teams and partners in the region, UN agencies and humanitarian partners to help them communicate critical information to communities through multiple platforms and better respond to community information needs, barriers and preferences. The HLO will promote a focus on “two-way” communication systems that start with a variety of listening and participation activities, in person and online, allowing people to share their questions and concerns in a continuous way, identify rumors and misinformation, and boost the effectiveness of Communicating with Communities (CwC) resources and approaches across the overall response. The HLO will work closely with humanitarian actors and local media to ensure they listen to communities and incorporate their perspectives in the way they organize their services and create information.

This consultancy will require frequent travel between sites. The HLO reports to the Humanitarian Director and will work closely with the Humanitarian Team on project planning and coordination.


This role will be based in Moldova, and will require frequent travel to other countries in the region hosting Ukrainian refugees.

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis, so interested candidates are encouraged to apply soon.


We are an organization of dynamic, mission-driven individuals who are passionate about our core values and about supporting positive change in the world. We pride ourselves on our commitment to innovation and flexibility. We believe that diverse teams are strong teams and work to support an ethic of belonging, dignity, and justice for all people . Our current team includes a mix of genders, parents and non-parents, and people of multiple races, nationalities, ages, sexual orientations and socioeconomic backgrounds. We are an EEO employer and encourage candidates of all races, genders, ages, orientations, ethnicities, and national origins to apply, and welcome those with alternative backgrounds and experiences.


  • From Moldova, travel between countries hosting Ukrainian refugees to represent Internews and develop partnerships and programming.
  • Develop, maintain and establish excellent working relationships with a wide range of humanitarian responders (UN agencies, NGO partners, volunteers, etc.), civil society actors, government representatives and local media and maintain a database with all relevant contacts.
  • Actively participate in humanitarian coordination mechanisms to highlight community perspectives as well as rumors and misinformation that may impact on the delivery of humanitarian services.
  • Conduct assessments to understand the information and communication preferences of the refugee and host communities and in particular, work to identify groups who may face additional barriers in accessing information and participating in the response.
  • Participate in the establishment of a network of partners to collect, analyze and respond to rumors, mis- and disinformation and build capacity in data collection, analysis, and communication if and when there’s a need for it.
  • Support Internews partners in Moldova to monitor media reporting on the refugee crisis and contribute to the production of guides, meet-ups and other capacity building opportunities to encourage responsible humanitarian reporting practices.
  • Provide ongoing capacity building in CwC and accountability to all Internews staff and correspondents, including daily mentoring and training as required:
    • Identify the gaps and challenges in the current AAP (Accountability to Affected Populations) / CwC response and work with the humanitarian team to devise responses to these challenges;
    • When requested, work bilaterally with single agencies through assessments and recommendations;
    • Contribute to project reporting and communications outreach; and
    • Identify and contribute to funding opportunities.


  • Database of contacts and potential partners in Moldova, Poland and Romania
  • Rapid information ecosystem report regarding primary information gaps and barriers for refugees in Moldova (including key informant interviews discussing trusted communication channels)


  • Relevant experience in humanitarian response and working in a crisis
  • Relevant experience in project management, project design related to communication, social media or media
  • Community engagement, social media monitoring, fact checking/disinformation and social science experience a plus
  • A thorough understanding of the work of humanitarian and development agencies, including working within the UN cluster system
  • An understanding of humanitarian Community Engagement and Accountability practices and standards
  • Experience working within a team to design and undertake research and assessments
  • Experience designing information, education and communication materials and working with various multimedia formats such as posters, infographics, audio and video a plus
  • Strong communication and diplomatic skills
  • Sensitivity to cross-cultural dynamics in the workplace and experience supervising staff
  • Must be self-reliant, resourceful, a good problem-solver, good-humored, and flexible
  • Excellent Ukrainian language skills – Russian, Romanian and other languages from the region a plus
  • Strong English language skills (oral and written) required
  • Understanding of and demonstrated commitment to upholding Internews’ Core Values.

How to apply:

Please submit a CV and cover letter of no more than 2 pages via our Careers page.