Country: Jordan
Organization: Handicap International – Humanity & Inclusion
Closing date: 1 Jun 2022

Handicap International/Humanity & Inclusion (HI) is an independent and impartial international solidarity organization, which intervenes in situations of poverty and exclusion, conflicts and disasters. Working alongside people with disabilities and vulnerable populations, it acts and speaks out to meet their essential needs, improve their living conditions and promote respect for their dignity and fundamental rights. More info:

HI is committed to an employment policy in favour of disabled workers.


The Syrian crisis is the greatest humanitarian crisis of the last 20 years. According to the latest UN figures, about 11.7 million people are currently affected by the crisis in Syria, including about 6 million IDPs, while over 5 million Syrians have sought refuge in neighbouring countries or in Europe. The current humanitarian response only provides a patchy and partial coverage of the growing humanitarian needs. Nine years after the beginning of the crisis, the number of injured persons in Syria keeps rising, with a severe lack of healthcare in many areas. In large areas of the country, the local economy is in bad shape, local populations and IDPs are in need of livelihoods assistance. The inclusion of the most vulnerable, including persons with disabilities, in the humanitarian response remains a major concern.

HI is managing a large humanitarian program in a challenging area in the Middle East, along four main pillars:

Support to health partners for the provision of multidisciplinary rehabilitation services (physical rehabilitation, psychosocial support and/or prosthetics and orthotics) and standalone psychosocial support services, through training, technical supervisions and donations of assistive devices and/or equipment;

Education to the risks and effects caused by conventional and non-technical survey of hazardous areas;

Livelihoods assistance, with a combination of cash for work, vocational training, small grants for businesses and apprenticeships;

Training and technical support to other humanitarian actors on the inclusion of persons with disabilities and other vulnerable persons in the humanitarian response (with a special focus on inclusive health and inclusive livelihoods).

The actual intervention is based on a mix of remote management of national teams, remote partnerships with local structures and organizations, and direct implementation programs.

HI in Middle-East is looking for a Health Project Manager for 12 months.


As project manager, you report directly to the Operations Manager and manage a team of 5 persons. You contribute to the implementation of the mandate and the 10-year strategy of Humanity & Inclusion in the country where you are based. You are responsible for implementing the project and you ensure optimal quality and the impact of the project.

Your main missions are :

Management :

Manager as a role model: embody HI’s values on a daily basis, and be a role model.
Manager as a coach for meaning: understand the strategy, make it explicit, translate it into operational objectives for his or her team, lead the necessary changes. Give meaning to each management action. Encourage inter and intra departmental exchanges of practice. Encourage innovation and risk-taking.
Operational manager: organise the operational management of his or her team, structure the work around identified processes, steer performance and facilitate the resolution of problems.
First HR & Coach: contribute to the development of his or her staff, creating the conditions for their commitment, professionalism and attachment to HI. Ensure compliance with the code of conduct and institutional policies, the mindset and expected individual and collective behaviour.

Strategy and steering :

Contribute to the development of the programme’s operational strategy

Contribute to programme or country operational strategy (StratOp).
Draft new project proposals for the continuity or expansion of the project.
Contribute to the drafting of new proposals for new opportunities, if necessary.

Operational implementation :

Ensure the implementation of the project, in line with the logical framework and allocated budget

· Steer the project’s intervention strategy and put forward adjustments if the objectives change or if it is likely that they will not be met.

· Ensure that activities and the associated resources are planned, and implement the action plan.

· Ensure that activities are implemented in line with the project proposal and the allocated budget.

· Ensure project reporting, internally (within the programme) and externally (reporting to funding bodies, authorities and/or partners).

· Undertake expenditure and manage the project activity-specific budget lines according to the delegation he/she received based on the programme signature delegation table

· Prepare and manage partnerships with the project implementation partners.

· Guarantee the proper archiving of information.

Ensure that project implementation complies with the existing frameworks

· Ensure the proper implementation and follow-up of institutional policies (specifically PME, PSEAH and Age-GenderDisability policies) and the other HI internal standards.

· Ensure compliance with the terms of the project proposal and the rules applied by the project funding body/bodies.

· Ensure compliance with global technical standards and norms by communicating and by involving the technical specialists and advisors with expertise in the project themes.

Ensure project monitoring, evaluation, accountability and learning

· Ensure project monitoring, specifically activity progress indicators and the expected outcomes.

· Develop and implement the project evaluation plan.

· Ensure that the project is accountable to the local stakeholders.

· Ensure project learning, taking into account lessons learned from similar previous projects, following the recommendations made throughout the project (from evaluations, support missions, audits, etc.), and capitalising on the acquired knowledge.

Ensure project data management

· Ensure that the appropriate data collection and management tools are in place on the project, in line with global standards.

· Ensure that data related to the project is collected and compiled in the project database.

· Carry out regular checks and makes any necessary corrections to the activity database.

Coordinate the teams involved in the project

· Facilitate coordination meetings between his/her direct team and the support services located in the area when necessary.

· Ensure that his/her team and the support teams (shared and technical services, in particular) work well together in order to facilitate the implementation of the project in the country.

· Facilitate the project steering committee.

Contribute to external project communication

· Contribute to HI’s external influence by taking part in networks, when required.

· Communicate about the project to partners, authorities and stakeholders when relevant.

Emergency Preparedness and Response :

· Lead the emergency preparedness actions in his/her department and, in the event of an emergency, reorganize the priorities of his/her team according to the humanitarian priority, in order to ensure a quick and efficient response by HI.


With 2 years of professional experience managing health projects,

· You have strong writing and reporting skills

· You demonstrate excellent communication and organizational skills and ability to work under high pressure.

· A MHPSS background is an asset


· International staff live in collective guesthouses with 3 to 6 permanent staff and occasional visitors. Life conditions are good, with well-furnished individual rooms, full-equipped kitchens, ACs and heaters, and terraces/gardens.


At HI, the conditions offered are up to your commitment and adapted to the context of your mission.

· 12 months International contract starting from 15th, July 2022

· The international contract provides social cover adapted to your situation:**

o Unemployment insurance benefits for EU nationals**

o Pension scheme adapted to the situation of our employees: If you already have a personal pension scheme HI will contribute at the same level of your personal monthly contribution with a maximum of 272.53€/month ; If you do not have a personal pension scheme, we will open a private pension account with your contribution of 272.53€/month and a contribution of HI of the same amount**

o Medical coverage with 50% of employee contribution **

o Repatriation insurance paid by HI**

· Salary from 2448 € gross/month upon experience

· Perdiem: 527,85 € net/month – paid in the field

· Hardship: 500 € net/month paid with your salary

· Paid leaves: 25 days per year;

· R&R: 5 days every 8 weeks

o Position unaccompanied :

§ Payment for travel costs (air ticket & visa) and transport of your personal effects

§ Mission of more than 12 months : a child allowance of 100€ per month, per child (from the second child) paid in the field

· Housing: Collective taken in charge by HI

If you are resident in the country: local package

How to apply


Only online by joining a CV and cover letter via the following link:


Applications will be processed on an ongoing basis, don’t wait for applying!

Only successful candidates will be contacted.

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