Organization: CORUS International
Closing date: 4 Apr 2022

CGA Technologies is an international consultancy firm, registered in the UK, with offices in South Sudan, Sierra Leone, Kenya and Malawi; and other staff based in Tanzania, Uganda, and Zambia and beyond. There are more than sixty of us, the majority of whom are from the Global South.

Since 2011, we have been working to deliver national-scale, sustainable change in fragile and/or developing countries. We do that by strengthening the delivery and accountability of services and resources such as education, health and social protection, and empowering communities’ participation through at-scale cash support to citizens, and by leveraging each to make the other more effective.

We are part of the Corus International family of organisations.

Overview of the role

In the last ten years we have grown considerably, expanded into new countries and in 2019 we were acquired to become part of Corus. However, we have ambitious plans to grow and evolve further. To help us not only cement but build on these recent gains, we are looking to recruit a Head of Programme Development.

The Head of Programme Development role is being introduced as a senior management position at CGA, reporting to the Managing Director to oversee the development of our programmes, including leading our business development work, and strengthening CGA’s network of new business partners and stakeholders.

It is important to us to ensure that business development and programme delivery are closely linked. As such, we rely on programmatic staff to input to programme and business development efforts. Similarly, it is intended that this position should feed into the strategic direction of the company and will be able to contribute to programmatic and technical planning, as well as building a strong and growing pipeline of work in-line with CGA’s core business priorities.

As an SME, it is expected that this position will oversee a wide array of programme and business development responsibilities at all levels and should be flexible in their willingness to do so.

This will be a full-time position and while base location can be flexible, it would ideally be somewhere where: other CGA or Corus colleagues are based, where there is enough connectivity to practically do the job, and where you are legally entitled to work. The role will include some travel, to support our country teams and build relationships.

Key roles and responsibilities

1, Direction of programme and business development strategy and pipeline in line with organisational direction:

a. Work closely with Managing Director, Chief Financial Officer and Senior Technical Adviser, amongst others, to translate organisational strategy into programme development strategy, considering the shifting funding landscape

b. Ensure a healthy and growing financial pipeline of business, working with the CFO to monitor and manage this

c. Feed into corporate governance processes including reporting progress in our quarterly Board cycle

d. Work not only to understand, interpret and reflect funder priorities but to influence and shape the market including key donors in line with personal and organisational experience and practice. Regular reporting both to senior management and CGA’s Board

e. Identify and foster partnerships for CGA new products (in coordination with the ICT4D Lead) and new opportunities (in coordination with the STA), to carry out CGA’s organisational strategy

2, Oversight of marketing efforts and business development systems and processes:

a. Develop and manage relationships with partner and funding organisations,representing CGA effectively to them

b. Working closely with colleagues in the wider Corus family to jointly develop and position for opportunities

c. Working with the CFO to ensure compliance with funder requirements

d. Oversee and develop marketing materials, guiding development of the external ‘face’ of CGA.

e. Create and mobilise awareness-raising marketing tactics for CGA’s programming and intellectual capital, in support of CGA’s organisational strategy and partnerships

f. Advise on proposal development (narratives, workplans, budgets, compliance), drafting when needed, alongside technical and programmatic staff. Review and approve final proposals.

g. Liaise with Corus colleagues and advise, where appropriate, on BD systems and processes

3, Internal coordination and management:

a. Engage and coordinate the PD efforts of programmatic, technical and operational colleagues across the company, guiding the future establishment of a small, dedicated PD team (which continues to work closely with and engage programmatic colleagues)

b. Liaise closely with the Managing Director, CFO, Senior Technical Adviser, ICT4D Lead at central level, as well as Country Leadership Teams and wider Corus colleagues to strategise, identify and plan for significant partnerships and new opportunities.

c. Develop systems to enhance CGA’s capacity to comply with specific donor proposal requirements

Person specification

Our new Head of Programme Development will need to possess the following qualities and skills:

● A demonstrable understanding and ability to interpret donor priorities but a desire to shape and influence programme and business development on the basis of personal and organisational experience in order to achieve development impact.

● The ability and willingness to work quickly and flexibly while also positively, acknowledging that there is not only a long but varied range of tasks required when working for an SME.

● Write and speak engagingly and persuasively including a reasonable extent on aspects of our programmatic or technical work

● Effective sales and negotiation skills

● Strong understanding of key aspects of the financial side of pipeline forecasting and management, and compliance with a variety of donors

● Advanced ability to use excel reliably and effectively for budgeting and pipeline management

● Ability to positively manage, engage, and mobilise staff, providing attention to them while busy with other tasks

● Reflect CGA’s ethos and values which prioritise development impact for the communities we work for, including those set out in our Positive Business, Ethics and Conduct (PBEC) policy:

They should additionally possess the following required experience:

● Experience in business development within the international development sector, including in work for a range of funders – our current portfolio includes work funded by FCDO, EU, UNICEF, World Bank, USAID, GPE, host governments and private foundations.

● Demonstrated programmatic or technical knowledge and experience of some of our core focus areas (e.g. education, cash & social protection, health, MIS systems) is important for i) ensuring that our development and growth is guided not only by donor priorities but by ‘what works’ for development impact, and ii) ensuring that this position can substantively contribute to strategic programmatic discussions and/or proposals.

● Experience in Sub-Saharan Africa or other fragile and developing contexts

How to apply:

If you think you meet these criteria, and would like to join a friendly, committed and empowered team, please send a CV of four pages or fewer, and a two page cover letter to We request applications before Monday 4th April 2022 although the recruitment process will be rolling until the position is filled so candidates may be contacted prior to this point.

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