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Job Title: Head of Engineering and Asset Creation Officer for Resilience unit

Country: Democratic Republic of the Congo
Organization: World Food Programme
Closing date: 16 Jan 2022

Engineering duties

  • Provide advice and support to WFP CO and Field Offices on a range of engineering services, project management and construction activities, including the implementation of WFP policies, standards, norms, and practices to ensure that outputs meet the established quality standards.
  • Manage and conduct an analysis of project proposals to ensure business case and technical feasibility and that project objectives are attainable within the prescribed resources and timelines.
  • Lead the creation of preliminary or detailed designs (preparing, writing and assembling drawings, schematics, masterplans, design calculations and reports, technical specifications) and requiring a detailed knowledge of the international standards and codes.
  • Lead the preparation of project budgets or preliminary and detailed cost estimations to implement civil, structural, electrical, mechanical or special systems within the projects (including feasibility studies, or project schedules, or bids). Work-time estimates could be also required.
  • Lead the preparation of project contract documentation and manage communication with procurement unit and WFP Head Quarters (HQ) Engineering Unit;
  • support Field Offices with the preparation of Scope of Works, tender packages, tender evaluation, contracting and reporting.
  • Attend coordination meetings, repare and review reports, minutes and correspondences prior to approval;
  • Liaise with stakeholders, both internal and external to the organization;
  • Undertake administrative tasks as required, and provide project management services for the projects where and when requested;
  • Provide guidance and direction to contractors and design consultants;
  • Lead the implementation of constrcution work and technical evlauations;
  • Review and evaluate planned and ongoing construction projects works;
  • Ensure establishment and maintenance of project performance monitoring, evaluation and reporting procedures, up to project completion;
  • Lead and manage the engineering team in contractual matters (not limited to performance bonds, insurances, claims, advance payment guarantees etc.);
  • Prepare and manage cash flow programmes involved in resilience project activities;
  • Assist with the interpretation of the contract documents. Explain and or reconcile any ambiguities and or discrepancies in the contract documents and apply the various provisions of the contract documents;
  • Lead the assurance of the quality of the works during design and construction.
  • Lead the process in design reviews (reading, interpreting and critique/comment on technical drawings, schematics, and computer-generated reports) and giving advice and recommendation.
  • Perform other related duties as required.

Technical Support to Asset Creation Project

  • Lead developing specific technical reference sections related to engineering aspects (e.g. planning, design, technical elements, implementation and management, references, etc.).
  • Engage with Asset Creation teams through questionnaires, conference calls and others, to obtain details related to ongoing practices, standard procedures, needs and challenges encountered during Asset Creation projects and other information that could help identify areas that require engineering support.
  • Based on consultations with specific Field Office teams and together with the Resilience and Safety Net unit, develop brief guidance manuals for activities that require support for design, implementation and management processes.
  • Document engineering support to Asset Creation activities and assist the Resilience and Safety Net uni in documenting and sharing good practices.
  • Participate in field missions for reviewing specific assets, and provision of technical support & training as required.
  • Lead, supervise and guide the Asset Creation related team, provide feedback and conduct regular staffing reviews in writing as appropriate.
  • Work in close liaison with other persons responsible for managing Asset Creation activities ensuring fully integrated programming and fostering.
  • Prepare, review and manage the Asset Creation budgets. Regularly report on spending and budget changes to the supervisor.
  • Develop funding proposals as well as related communication material on Asset Creation in close cooperation with the communications unit. Present and discuss overall area of work and funding proposals to government, partners and donors.
  • Ensure full alignment and coordination of workplans with FAO, UNICEF, government, and partners work in the same field of work;
  • Develop and update operational guidelines and Standard Operation Procedure for Asset Creation and Public Work ensuring compliance to WFP standards and procedures;
  • Develop, in close collaboration with the M&E unit, a comprehensive monitoring and assessment plan Asset Creation and Public Work activities planned;
  • Liaise with internal and external counterparts (including government and donors) to ensure effective collaboration, monitor projects and highlight potential risks to project delivery;
  • Ensure timely review the Asset Creation proposals and budgets and signing of the FLAs;
  • Lead the preparation of accurate and timely reporting and/or communication on relevant Asset Creation activities that enable informed decision making and consistency of information presented to stakeholders;
  • Work with Productive Safety Net and Asset Creation engineer to define standard and respectable work norms, cash transfer rates and/or food rations;
  • Identify linkages with organizations with similar projects in order to avoid the development of parallel and overlapping structures and maximizing synergies with programmes implemented by other actors;
  • Organize, coordinate and manage a series of technical assessments, project component design, and monitoring and evaluation activities required to implement projects in coordination with other Programme activities;
  • Liaise with implementing partners (internal and external) to monitor ongoing projects, ensuring effective collaboration, timeliness and efficiency and highlight potential risks to project delivery.
  • Provide technical support for Country Office asset creation and maintenance activities as required.

  • Provide detailed reports to the Head of resilience in Kinshasa at request

  • Undertake regular field visits to the Sub-offices where resilience activities are implemented to support the advancement of works.

Staff management

  • Supervision and performance assessment of resilience construction supervisor based in Goma and functionally supervise and performance assessment of resilience construction supervisors in other Sub-Offices.

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