Country: Iraq
Organization: Free Yezidi Foundation
Closing date: 31 Mar 2022

Who We Are

The Free Yezidi Foundation (FYF) is a humanitarian, apolitical, women-led non-profit organization formally registered in the Netherlands and the United States and registered to operate in Iraq. The Foundation was established shortly after ISIS attempted to eradicate the Yezidi people in August 2014. The Free Yezidi Foundation seeks to implement projects to protect and support the most vulnerable members of the Yezidi community.

FYF is virtually headquartered in the Netherlands and the United States, with its operational base in Duhok, Iraq. The Foundation is particularly engaged with services for Yezidi survivors, with a special focus on Yezidi women and children. FYF also works to assist for all Yezidis seeking justice and accountability.

Background & Job Summary

FYF is seeking an experienced legal professional to collaborate with the field legal team to assess, develop and recommend an action plan of how FYF can improve legal services to the community in Iraq centered upon the Yezidi Survivors’ Law. The Consultant should have extensive knowledge about the Yezidi Survivors’ Law and be familiar with the emerging reparations system in place in Iraq. The Consultant should have extensive knowledge of lessons learned from other reparations contexts that can be applied in Iraq.

The Consultant will be expected to implement the following activities and deliverables:

Development and design of FYF legal application procedures and documentation required for beneficiaries under Yezidi Survivors Law.
Identify, define and development best practices report and discuss with other organizations performing similar work on the Yezidi Survivors Law.
Identify and review of other reparations laws from other genocides, and document the lessons learned that might support FYF on its work on Yezidi Survivors Law.
Advocacy strategies and guidelines document for assisting eligible persons under the Yezidi Survivors Law for Civil Society Organizations and International Stakeholders.
Amendment recommendations to the current Yezidi Survivors Law.
Strategy document for case preparation to assist survivors’ groups outside the current scope of eligibility for the Yezidi Survivors Law.
Meet and do case consultations with FYF Field Staff Lawyers.

It is expected that the Consultant will interact with FYF project staff lawyers during the entirety of the consultancy period, as well realize meetings with other relevant stakeholders. Also attend project related meetings and capacity building sessions as requested by FYF. The Consultant will be expected to deliver a monthly progress report to FYF Programs Director.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities

To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform several functions:

Conduct psychological assessments and plan the appropriate interventions for the beneficiaries.
Ensure regular and proper use of psychometric scales.
Provide individual therapy sessions.
Ensure confidentiality and proper documentation of clinical details in case files.
Adhere to do-no-harm principles.
Train, support and monitor local psychologists and social workers.
Monitor the quality of care.
Support the identification process of the beneficiaries, especially those in need of specific support.
Permanently evaluate gaps related to mental health and psychosocial support.
Coordinate on protection issues at the field level.

The psychologists will be expected to work from 8am – 12pm, and from 1pm – 4pm, Sunday – Thursday (the Iraqi work week). Some assignments may require after work hours.


The Consultant/or lead of the Team of Consultants should demonstrate the following qualifications and professional experience:

· Postgraduate degree (JD) in law.

· Seven (7) to ten (10) years of working experience on civil society and governance projects and/or programs, preferably related and focus on supporting violence and war survivors.

· At least five (5) years of working experience in Iraq, or the MENA region. Preference to previous working experience in countries in which genocides occurred.

· Comprehensive knowledge of Yezidi Survivors Law.

· Have a good knowledge of asset handover policies and concepts as well as the prevailing laws and regulations in Iraq.

· Ability to deliver quality reports/analysis/assessments in a short time.

· Good facilitation skills and ability to generate ideas from, and build consensus among, a wide variety of stakeholders.

· Good skills in standard software (Word processing, spreadsheets) are expected.

· Experience with the use of databases is an important asset.

· Strong oral and written skills in English. Kurdish and/or Arabic desired as well.

· Demonstrate cultural and language sensitivity.

Upon Joining FYF

FYF has non-disclosure and liability waiver clauses in the contract for all employers upon joining the team. All paperwork and related documents will be managed between the time that the job offer is sent and the incumbent begins work, including agreeing to the FYF code of conduct.

How to apply:

The proposals must be written in English and signed by the candidate. Interested candidate should submit a technical and financial proposal, with the amount per deliverable to be charged, to the following address by 31 March 2022. The Email subject should appear as: follows FYF2022/LEGAL CONSULTANCY/CFP-Technical and Financial Proposal.

Proposals should also include:

· Cover Letter.

· CV, academic and professional certificates.

· Sample of previous work in similar consultancies including references.

· References from former clients/organizations are required.

· Technical proposal that must include: a work plan for the consultancy, methodologies to be used and the budget.

FYF reserves the right to accept or reject any proposal and to annul the selection process and reject all Proposals at any time prior to contract award, without thereby incurring any liability to affect the Consultant.

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