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Job Title: EU Advocacy Consultant – focus on free expression and digital markets/services regulation

Country: Belgium
Organization: Article 19
Closing date: 26 Jan 2022

Responsible to: Head of Law and Policy, Digital Markets
Key relationships: Senior Director Law and Policy; Head of Europe and Central Asia
team,Communications and Campaigns team, Press officer
Location: Brussels, Belgium
Duration: January – May (part-time) initially, with possibility of renewals

Project Scope:

The EU advocacy consultant supports our advocacy in the European Union with regards to
regulatory reforms concerning digital markets and digital services and the impact that such reforms can have on fundamental rights and in particular the right to freedom of expression.

The consultant is expected to focus initially on the Digital Markets Act (DMA) and the Digital
Services Act (DSA) proposals as currently debated by the European legislators. ARTICLE 19
hopes to extend the focus after the initial period, subject to funding, to support advocacy on other
free speech related issues, in particular the Media Freedom Act and other regulations.

The consultancy is part of the project Protecting freedom of expression through open, fair and
decentralised digital markets, in which ARTICLE 19 aims to use its capacity, skills and expertise
to perform research, policy, advocacy and capacity building with regards to the use of competition and market regulation tools to achieve open, fair and decentralised digital markets where freedom
of expression and other human rights are adequately protected and where no single entity, being
it private or public, can control the flow of information in society.

Project outcome:
Advocacy around DMA and DSA dossiers and related files.

Processes and Methodology
The consultant will work based on instructions from ARTICLE 19 for the whole duration of the
The consultant is expected to achieve the following:

  1. Monitor developments in the DMA and DSA files and identify opportunities for ARTICLE 19’s
  2. Undertake advocacy with the European Parliament, the Council (including national ministries
    and other relevant bodies) and the European Commission on both DSA and DMA files. The
    advocacy work should include but not be limited to:
    • Prepare advocacy materials, briefings, statements and other materials as required;
    • Conduct meetings and other forms of engagement with relevant stakeholders;
    • Network, coordinate and undertake joint actions with other civil society organisations
    and other potential allies in the advocacy (among others, open letters, submissions,
    campaigns, events organisation etc.)
  3. Represent ARTICLE 19 in relevant workshops, meetings, events and sessions as needed;
  4. Present ARTICLE 19’s position in the EU institutions for the relevant dossiers.

Time-frame of deliverable:
To start soon as possible, and ideally not later than the end of January 2022 – until end of
trilogue on both DMA and DSA dossiers (or until expiration of contract if earlier).

The consultant should be prepared to increase DMA work and decrease DSA work as the new
Legal Officer becomes operative on the latter, and to help with a smooth transition in the

The consultant should be prepared to start advocacy on the proposal for a Media Freedom Act
should this be published during the term of this contract.

Payment schedule:
The payment shall be provided after against monthly invoices.

Any other note or condition
The consultant must have:
• Knowledge and expertise in the areas of: international and EU framework regarding the
right to freedom of expression, competition law and policy and/or regulation of digital
• Experience in policy and politics in the EU and demonstrable success in conducting
advocacy with EU institutions;
• Network of relationships in key EU policy-making institutions and civil society
organizations active at the EU level;
• Excellent communications skills – written and verbal, including ability to draft concise and
detailed advocacy documents on a short deadline;
• Demonstrated ability to think strategically and to identify tactical steps to serve the bigger
• Fluency in written and spoken English, including the capacity to deliver finalized, edited
reports of high professional quality;
• Capacity to work independently as well as in cooperation with ARTICLE 19 staff;
• Suitable qualification such as Master’s Degree in international or EU law and fluency in
French are desirable.

For further information about the role, please contact Maria Luisa Stasi at

How to apply:

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Closing date: 26th January 2022