Country: occupied Palestinian territory
Organization: Oxfam
Closing date: 20 Apr 2022

Terms of Reference for Communication Capacity Building and Coaching Consultancy


Services/Work Description **

Communication Capacity Building and Coaching Consultancy

Project Title **

Nassej: Connecting Voices and Actions Together to End Violence Against Women and Girls in the MENA Region

Duty Station

East Jerusalem, West Bank, and Gaza

Type of the contract **


Duration **

Three months

Expected Start Date


Expected End Date



Oxfam is an international confederation, counting 20 organizations working together with partners and local communities in more than 90 countries. Oxfam has been working in the Occupied Palestinian Territories and Israel (OPTI) since the 1950s, a country office was established in Jerusalem in the 1980s. Oxfam mainly works in the most vulnerable communities in Gaza, East Jerusalem, and Area C.

Naseej is a regional project that connects women’s voices and actions to end violence against women in the MENA region. The project will tackle Sexual and Gender-Based Violence (SGBV) in conflict and occupation-affected areas by channelling financial support to women’s rights and civil society organizations and community-based organizations (WROs, CSOs, and CBOs) to prevent and respond to SGBV. This will be done in parallel with technical and capacity-building support to strengthen capacities in these organizations to support their work in conflict and occupation-affected areas.

The project’s overall objective/Impact is to contribute to more gender-equitable societies in Iraq, Yemen, and the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT), in which women and girls live free from violence across all spheres of life. The project’s specific objective is to support women’s rights civil society organizations (WROs) in the target countries to effectively prevent and respond to sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) during the conflict.

The Intermediate Outcomes of the project are 1) partner WROs show improved organizational capacity to function more independently and effectively to deliver prevention, response, and advocacy programs/initiatives on ending SGBV, 2) SGBV is less socially acceptable in targeted communities, including among men and boys, and 3) Oxfam and WRO partners more effectively influence national and

international policy and decision-makers on SGBV policy and legislation and international humanitarian law (IHL) obligation


Under the Naseej project, Oxfam will strengthen the capacity of 8 sub-grantees and improve their organizational capacity to enable the organizations to implement their project interventions effectively and build their capabilities to operate more independently beyond the project’s life. (Intermediate Outcome 1).

The overall objective of the service is to strengthen Naseej’s eight sub-grantees visibility and sustainability through strategic communication and media engagement. The consultant/ consultancy firm should be able to support the sub-grantees in developing and implementing a Strategic Communication Plan to 1) assist them in achieving their goals and aims under the Naseej project and in their overall organizational objectives, 2) demonstrate the success of their implemented activities through the production of visibility materials and 3) ensure that to various stakeholders stakeholder, community members, women, and girls men and boys have the information they need. Also, the consultant/ consultancy firm should be able to integrate influencing strategies while developing the plans, examine different communication approaches and techniques, and explore how communication can influence change within their targeted audiences.

The consultant/ consultancy firm is expected to hold training sessions and one-to-one coaching sessions with each partner to develop their communication plans and provide tailormade capacity support for each partner, upon their needs.


Task one: desk review relevant documents, including project documents, sub-grantees organizational communication plans, and the need assessment report.

Task two: the consultant/ consultancy firm will provide a 3-days training for the eight sub-grantees addressing the following topics:

Creating gender-sensitive and gender-responsive content and visibility products focusing on combating Sexual and Gender-Based Violence.

Creating high-quality content in terms of language accuracy and creative design, focusing on innovative communication.

Identifying target groups and stakeholders for each sub-grantee based on their interventions.

Identifying main communication channels and strategies to reach the different targeted audiences.

Identifying communication products and activities tailored to each audience.

Producing time and budget-managed working plans.

Explaining and supporting subgrantees to produce materials aligned with Donor’s perspective and requirements. (EU and Oxfam guidelines).

Risk and security around communications.

Example of organizational communication campaigns around combating and SGBV.

Task three: one-on-one coaching days with each partner to develop their communication plans and support them in designing and developing products and activities as needed.

IV. Deliverables and Outcomes:

1) Inception Plan: outlining the proposed training and coaching package (including the training curriculum) and the detailed time plan with delivery dates of the training, the one to one coaching and the delivery of the communication strategies (including the template). **

2) Conduct three-day training separately in Gaza and the West Bank for selected staff from the eight sub-grantees. **

3) One-to-one coaching for each partner’s organization to develop their Communication Strategy and give tailer maid-made capacity support upon their needs. The consultant/ consultancy firm should deliver eight strategies for each partner customized upon their work plans and resources. Strategies should increase awareness and knowledge of GBV and other thematic topics the organizations are addressing. **

V. Duration and Timeframe of the work/deliverables/ output:

The total duration of the assignment will be four months. Noting that the two training will be determined later with Oxfam**.** The assignment will be based in the West Bank and desirably in Gaza Strip, as the consultant will work with and train our sub-grantees in Gaza Strip.


Number of Days

1- Drafting the Inception Plan

Seven days

2- Developing training material

Two days

3- Oxfam to review and approve the Inception Plan and the training material

Four days

4- 6 days of training (3 days in WB & 3 days in GS)

Six days

5- One to one coaching to execute eight communication strategies for sub-grantees

20 days

*Number of working days for the consultant: 35 days

VI. Required Experience and Qualifications:

At least seven years of work experience related to communication, marketing, media outreach, strategic management, or any relevant/ related field.

Strong knowledge and proven work on gender-related projects in the Palestinian context.

Previous experience in developing communication plans and strategies for CSOs, upon their needs and capacities.

Proven experience in conducting technical training with creative approaches and active tools.

The ability to give tailored coaching for each partner after identifying gaps and needs that requires support and capacity building.

Previous experience in working on EU-funded projects.

Strong analytical skills and communication skills.

Excellent collaboration, networking, facilitation, and presentation skills.

The consultant/ consultancy firm should be available immediately and flexible to do the one-to-one coaching as requested.

d excluding VAT.

How to apply:

VII. Application:

Interested trainers and firms are invited to submit an Expression of Interest (EoI) with the experience and skills described above. The EoI must include the following:

A cover letter of no more than two pages introducing the trainers/ organization and how the skills and competencies described above are met, with concrete examples (organization profile outlining similar experience). The cover letter should also reflect the number of days to complete the assignment, daily rate and total financial offer (cost). The cover letter should also indicate consultants’ availability for the proposed period.

An outline of no more than six pages of the proposed process and critical considerations, including:

a. Proposed outline methodology

b. Proposed actual number of days, timeframe and team size

c. Detailed financial offer/ costs and registration and a valid deduction at source certificate. It is expected that the financial offer includes a budget breakdown of costs, including the daily rate

Team composition, management arrangements, CV and detailed work plan of the proposed team members.

One example of a report from previous similar assignments in the Gaza Strip and/or West Bank. All documents should be in English

Please submit the technical and financial offer with all requested documents by email by 20/4/2022 to the email address: quoting the reference code in the subject line of your email.

Period of validity: the technical and financial offers shall be valid for a period of a maximum of 60 days, starting from the submission date. The financial offer should be submitted in Euro an

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