Countries: Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay
Organization: American Bar Association
Closing date: 1 Apr 2022


ABA ROLI Consultant Team to Design and Deliver Training on the Risk of Financing Terrorism to the Private Sector of Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay

Countering the Financing of Terrorism Program

American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative (ABA ROLI) was established in 1990 as a public service project of the American Bar Association to promote the rule of law around the world. Since then, ABA ROLI has implemented legal reform programs in more than 100 countries and has sought to strengthen legal institutions, support legal professionals, foster respect for human rights, and advance public understanding of the law and citizens’ rights. In collaboration with government agencies, the judiciary, lawyers, bar associations, legislatures, and civil society, ABA ROLI designs programs that are responsive to local needs and that prioritize sustainable solutions to pressing rule of law challenges.

Project Background

The Countering the Financing of Terrorism in South America Program will build the capacity of governments and financial sector stakeholders in the Tri-Border Area (TBA), Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay, to degrade and disrupt the financing of Hizballah and other terrorist groups and their ability to operate, raise, and move assets regionally and globally. Thus, terrorist groups will have limited ability to carry out attacks in the Tri-Border Area and globally.

Working closely with central and local government agencies, financial institutions, and civil society, ABA ROLI aims to leverage specialized expertise to support the TBA countries in meeting commitments under the United Nations Security Council Resolutions on countering the financing of terrorism.

Job Description

ABA ROLI is seeking a Consultant Team to design and deliver comprehensive training modules and materials in order to increase the capacity of beneficiaries to conduct effective internal investigations into the private institutions in Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay. One of the consultants must be the team leader and responsible for the quality of the products presented. The proposal submitted should indicate who will assume the role of team leader and define the role each consultant within the team will play.

Job Summary

Most small private financial institutions based in the TBA region do not have proper internal compliance mechanisms to identify and report Financing Terrorism (FT) activities. This includes private local financial institutions, exchange currency operators, and attorneys at law in each of the TBA countries. Therefore, this consulting job would contribute towards the program’s goal of increasing the understanding of the private sector’s role on AML (anti-money laundering), CFT (countering the financing of terrorism), TFS (targeted financial sanctions), and country-specific tools to mitigate terrorist financing risks and roadblocks.

The Consultant Team will design training modules with supplemental materials and deliver specific training based on the legal framework in each of the three countries. The contents and methodology should be adjusted so that it can be delivered in two (2) modules, each module given over a four-day timeframe. Beneficiaries such as private local financial institutions, exchange currency operators, and attorneys at law will develop the capacity to conduct effective internal investigations.

To identify capacity gaps, the Program is conducting the proper assessment of the private sector capacity in each country. This assessment is expected to be finalized by May 2022, and the relevant recommendations and findings will be shared with the consultants who are selected to design the training modules.

The training agenda should include topics such as FIU’s role and mandates, reporting requirements and alternatives to meet those requirements; reports and recommendations of GAFILAT and the National Councils Against Organized Crimes in money laundering cases; FATF standards for AML/CFT; and any relevant aspects pertinent to the laws in the three countries. The training agenda will be based on pre-existing assessments and extensive local and thematic knowledge from our specialist, thereby ensuring effectiveness in the participation and ‘assessment exhaustion’ of stakeholders.

For sustainability and long-term impact, ABA ROLI will share the training agendas and materials with the beneficiaries so that they can replicate the training beyond the lifetime of the project.

Individual qualifications for each consultant team member:

· Master’s degree from an accredited college or university or foreign equivalent.

· Expertise on Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financial Terrorism.

Understanding of the international legal framework AML / CFT
Familiarity with relevant legal instruments in Latin America and the Caribbean, including FATF and GAFILAT
At least 10 years of experience in design and delivery of training programs and compliance systems in AML/CFT areas for private sector entities.

Consultant team qualifications

· Fluency in Spanish and Portuguese (at least one consultant)

Verifiable experience in money laundering and financing of terrorism in Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay. The work experience must demonstrate knowledge of the AML/CFT regulatory framework in the three countries.


Draft training modules and materials for each country showing: detailed content of the modules, learning objectives, time to be allocated to each topic, suggested methodology for development, training materials, basic and complementary bibliography that should be part of the modules, the methodology and instruments to measure the level of learning and whether the learning objectives have been achieved. Time of Delivery: 30 days after signing the contract.

Report on the validation processes of the draft modules and materials with the FIUs, relevant supervisory bodies, as well as private financial and non-financial institutions in the three countries. These validation processes and the contacts with the beneficiary institutions will be organized through the Program Director. Time of Delivery: 45 days after signing the contract.

Final version of the comprehensive training modules and materials for each country to increase the capacity of beneficiaries to conduct effective internal investigations. Time of Delivery: 60 days after signing the contract.

Propose a training schedule for each country, profile of participants and logistical needs for the courses. This will be validated with the beneficiaries through the Program direction.

Final report, including the training report, participants, level of participation, instruments to measure the improvement of knowledge of each participant and copy of all materials and bibliography applied in the courses.


§ Consider the latest research and recommendations from the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the United Nations (UN), the World Bank Group (WBG), and other international organizations regarding the risks of money laundering and terrorist financing.

§ Analyze the existing legal framework in the three countries regarding the supervision of the private sector (financial and non-financial entities), the role of FIUs, reporting requirements and alternatives to meet those requirements.

§ Review the best practices in developing internal compliance mechanisms to identify and report TF activities.

§ Identify gaps in the legal framework and institutional capacities in the private sector of each country for implementing effective compliance and reporting systems on the risk of terrorism financing.

§ Design training modules and materials to address the capacity gaps observed in each country.

§ Conduct the training according to the designed program, quantify the level of learning, evaluate if the learning objectives were achieved, and collect all of the information from the participants using the guides to be provided by the Program.

How to apply:

How to Apply:

To apply, please send CV of all Consultant Team members, total proposed fees, and Consultant Team cover letter (two (2) pages maximum) to by April 1, 2022. Please include in your email subject line and on your cover letter the name of the position and country as follows: “**C**onsultant Team to Design and Deliver Training Modules to the Private Sector of Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay”**.

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