Country: Syrian Arab Republic
Organization: Solidarités International
Closing date: 10 Feb 2022

Desired start date: ASAP

Duration of the mission: 6 months

Location: Amman


The LEARN Consortium is a partnership between four (4) International Non-Governmental Organizations (INGOs), and two (2) national partners. A three-year program funded by USAID’s Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance (BHA), with an application submitted for further funding after the three years, it leverages the respective expertise from the I/NGO partners to deliver Health, Shelter, MPCA, protection, humanitarian coordination, and WASH services to the most vulnerable communities in North East Syria (NES). The main activities being implemented are related to the rehabilitation and running of Primary Healthcare Centers (PHCs), emergency WASH (water distribution and rehabilitation of water infrastructure), private and public institutional shelter repairs, distribution of essential kits (new arrivals, hygiene, shelter repairs) and MPCA to cover basic needs. A livelihoods component is being added to the ongoing programming from October 2021. The program incorporates a Rapid Response Mechanism.

The implementing partners are based in, and implement throughout, NES. The Consortium Management Unit (CMU) is the oversight structure for the program that aims to facilitate smooth coordination, oversee program delivery, lead donor communications, ensure compliance and manage risk. The CMU is led by the Chief of Party (Jordan) and Deputy Chief of Party (NES), together with a team of Specialists.

Type and content of program: To reduce morbidity and mortality and to improve the living conditions, resilience and dignity of affected populations in NES, through WASH, Health, Shelter, Protection (standalone), MPCA, ERMS and Humanitarian Coordination sectors, with an RRM and protection mainstreamed throughout.

CMU has 2 bases: Amman and Amuda with 10 expatriates and 16 national staff. CMU relies on SI offices based in Amman and Amuda for the administrative work. The total grant is $38 million with $12 million obligated funding for 6 months and $26 million committed funding for the next 12 months.


General objective:

  • Financial control and financial management of the multi-year, multi-partner LEARN program in line with donor requirements through supporting budget preparations for all partners, monthly budgets and accountancy monitoring, following the internal review and external audit recommendations, and through monthly spot checks of partners’ documentation.
  • Financial reporting through the preparation of budgeting and reporting templates, the preparation of consolidated financial reports (monthly, quarterly, ad-hoc and final), and budget amendments
  • Cash flow management of the LEARN program by consolidating monthly fund requests from partners and communicating with the donor, releasing partners’ monthly fund requests through SI HQ.
  • Financial support to partners by providing training on financial aspects of LEARN, by supporting them to develop tools and guidelines, by advising them with their external audits, by running regular Finance Cross-Partner Sector Meetings, and by providing replies to day-to-day partner finance/compliance or LEARN financial management questions.
  • CMU budget management through supporting the CMU budget holders with the preparation of the budget and the management of their budget lines, and through updating SI about the accountancy.

The main challenges:

  • Fund transfers between different entities, exchange rate fluctuations
  • Remote working with different partners and staff turnover within the partners
  • To work in a close working relationship with multiple partners with different backgrounds and procedures/processes/policies
  • Contributing to wider discussions, and acting as a sounding board, on risk and financial impacts within the consortium as a whole

Priorities for the 2/3 first months:

  • Coordinate, consolidate and submit quarterly financial reports to donor as well as providing clear financial information to the Steering Committee and other stakeholders.
  • To lead any budget amendment process for the 12 months of the award
  • Follow-up the close-out process of Phase II
  • Management and possible amendment of CMU budget


Financial Control:

  • Coordinate the financial aspects of the multi-year, multi-partner program in line with BHA requirements.
  • Oversee financial aspect of sub-grant tracking and subcontracting, ensuring forward planning and preparation for donor reporting, adherence with BHA and consortium requirements and timelines, and timely submission of sub-grantee reports.
  • Ensure that financial management systems and records are effective and robust in order to identify and protect the assets and interests of the consortium.
  • Consolidate reporting templates, financial plans and amendments throughout the project life.
  • Review and monitor budgets to support financial stability and efficiency.
  • Monitor budget burn rates and recommend appropriate action on any significant variances
  • Ensure internal audit recommendations for grant funded projects are followed.
  • Prepare budget amendments based on performance and changes to programming.
  • Lead financial communication, coordination and consolidation of any future LEARN proposals or modifications

Financial Reporting:

  • Consolidate financial reports, fund requests and budgets in a timely manner.
  • Ensure that all financial records and accounts are compiled on time, accurately and in line with donor regulations.
  • Finalize reports and provide any ad-hoc year reports that may be required.
  • Follow up on timely implementation of the recommendations to remedy significant variances.

Financial and Programmatic Support:

  • Organize and lead training on global financial aspects upon partner’s request.
  • Support, advice and develop tools, procedures or guidelines with partners to ensure financial compliance.
  • Support, advice and propose solution to the partners when required.
  • Escalate financial partner’s issues to Chief of Party and Prime if necessary.
  • Support Consortium Management Unit (CMU) Specialists to deliver CMU mandate through holding monthly CMU meetings to run through partner budgets.
  • Provide technical expertise to CMU on financial questions from the donor (often linked to programming activities, or as part of semi-annual or other reports) and ad hoc partner/Specialist questions, as well as supporting the COP to manage the CMU budget. Uphold BHA compliance requirements in all responses.

Communication & Relationships:

  • Participate from time to time in any such consortium meetings to foster compliance and to address any financial issues
  • Ensure that sub-grant related processes and procedures are consistently implemented through the use of compliance checks and agreements.
  • Undertake periodic visits to the field
  • Facilitate training sessions on grants management, general accounting, internal controls.
  • Track lessons learned and share with consortium members throughout the project implementation.
  • Organize for peer reviews amongst the finance personnel of the four sub-agreement partner agencies and draw lessons learnt to improve financial oversight.

  • Act as a link between headquarters and the field

  • Run regular Finance Cross-Partner Sector Meetings to discuss consortium financial topics.

  • Provide clear financial information to the Steering Committee and other stakeholders.

CMU Budget Management:

  • Support the COP in the preparation and management of CMU Budget
  • Support CMU budget holders managing their budget lines
  • Check the accountancy and ensure the necessary corrections are done
  • Manage the Allocation Board for CMU


Specific skills and experience:

  • Diploma/education: Master’s Degree in Finance or Accounting or professional accounting qualification, such as a CPA or equivalent.
  • Previous experience: Minimum of five years of experience in a finance/accounting management and coordination role, international NGO experience a must, preferably with Consortium related experience.
  • Technical Skills: Excel, accountancy software, knowledge of BHA donor rules.

Soft skills:

  • High diplomatic communication,
  • Negotiation,
  • Organizational skills and team management.


A salaried post:
According to experience, starting from 2860 euros gross per month (2600 base salary + 10% annual leave allowance paid monthly)
and a monthly Per Diem of 785 USD

SI also covers accommodation costs and travel expenses between the expatriate’s country of origin and the place of assignment.

Vacation: During the assignment, a system of alternation between work and time off is implemented at the rate of on 7 working days every three months. For a one-year assignment, the expatriate will have a 7 working days break at 3/6 and 9 month (with 850 USD allocated by Solidarités).

To these break periods, it is necessary to add the granting of 1 additional rest day per month worked > i.e. 12 days in addition for a 1-year contract**.**

Social and medical cover:
Expatriates benefit from an insurance package which reimburses all healthcare expenses (including medical and surgical expenses, dental care and ophthalmological expenses, repatriation) and a welfare system including war risks. Essential vaccination and antimalarial treatment costs are refunded.


Key information about living conditions

Living conditions in Amman are very good and staff have access to a wide range of restaurants, cafés and bars. Most of occidental products (food, clothing…) are easily accessible in Amman. The country also offers several destinations for weekends.

Accommodation will be in SI guesthouses which are spacious and very comfortable. Housing/Family packages may be available.

Specific constraints related to security

In Amman, security risks are extremely low and restrictions are generally limited to government directives around COVID-19 containment.

Field visit: Security inside NES is volatile and justifies specific arrangements for accommodation and movement in the areas of intervention. Adherence to strict security procedures is necessary, while security levels can vary, depending on geographical location and the changes in context.

COVID 19 :

Solidarités International recommends vaccination against Covid-19, using WHO approved vaccines. If possible, the vaccination should be done before departure in order to reduce the logistical constraints once on the ground.

How to apply:

Does this description fit you? Please send us your CV and Cover letter in English via this link: https://emea3.recruitmentplatform.com/syndicated/private/syd_apply.cfm?id=PULFK026203F3VBQB6G8N8NX4&nPostingTargetID=67736. CV only applications will not be considered.

NB: The vacancy may close before the deadline. Thank you for your comprehension

For further information about Solidarités International, please consult our website: http://www.solidarites.org/en/