Pharmaceutical Operations Manager

Internal /External Vacancy  Announcement

The Ethiopian Red Cross Society (ERCS) wants to recruit employees in the following vacant positions the details of which are mentioned below.

About the Ethiopian Red Cross Society

The Ethiopian Red Cross Society (ERCS) was established in 1935 and is one of the oldest and largest humanitarian organizations in Ethiopia. ERCS provides services to communities affected by natural and manmade disasters through the provision of emergency responses, ambulance and first aid, family reunification, essential drugs, water and sanitation, and other humanitarian services. ERCS also runs disaster risk reduction programs with the aim of creating resilience households and communities. Currently the ERCS has a structure consisting of 12 Regional Offices, 34 Zonal Branches and 131  District/Woreda Branches, 599 Woreda Red Cross Committee  and 5871 Kebele Red Cross  committees.

ERCS also runs disaster risk reduction programs relating to food security, climate change adaptation, livelihood diversification, and institutional capacity building interventions, with the aim of creating resilience households and communities. ERCS works in partnership with the Ethiopian Government, International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent (IFRC), International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), partnering National Societies, members, volunteers and the communities we serve.

Key performance Areas   

  • Plans, organizes, directs, coordinates and controls the procurement, stocking and sales of good quality, safe, efficacious and affordable medicines, other related supplies and medical equipment  to customers of health and pharmaceuticals;
  • Ensures that an appropriate  policy & procedure manual on procurement, stocking, sales and delivery of medicines, related supplies and medical equipment is in place and made operational properly and consistently; conducts surveys and researches on stock management, organizes and administers  the right training to subordinates on same;
  • In cooperation with internal and external stakeholders of health and pharmaceuticals, conducts need assessment in line with the criteria pre-established for the purpose.
  • Procures medicines, medical supplies, assets, services, office supplies, etc on the basis of a procurement plan and established procedures to provide the requirement of health and pharmaceutical services.
  • Leads and motivates the staff and ensures the proper execution of the duties and responsibilities of pharmaceutical operations;
  • Plans and executes timely sales and delivery of supplies to meet the demands of the customers in a cost effective manner against controlling distribution expenses;
  • Approves purchase requisitions and  makes property acquisition, administration  and expenditure decisions of the program as per the authority delegated to him/her;
  • Plans, monitors and evaluates the performances of pharmaceutical operations, produces and issues regular and special reports on the overall procurement, storage, and sales of pharmaceuticals operation.
  • Ensures that medicines and medical supplies are timely procured and distributed according to the needs of wholesalers, hospitals, health centers, retail outlets and the schedule set to that effect;
  • Monitors the stock levels, storage and handling of medicines, other related supplies and medical equipment kept in Central Store, follows up sales and stock balance reports of the Central Store;
  • Ensures that the disposal or incineration of expired and/ damaged drugs  as well as other medical supplies is effected in accordance with the directives of the Food, Medicines and Healthcare Administration and Control Authority, and that proper documentation or certification is obtained from the relevant local health offices and kept to that effect;
  • Makes sure regulations and requirements of the Food, Medicines and Healthcare Administration and Control Authority regarding purchase, storage, sales, delivery and product registration are observed;
  • Provides the necessary administrative and technical backup to  the drug outlets that prompt and appropriate feedback on  issues, requests and problems referred to it;
  • Ensures that prompt rectifying actions are taken on qualified comments of auditors on pharmaceutical operations;  Makes sure that the procurement process, clearing and delivery to the central store is expedited efficiently;
  • Ensures that the quality of medicines, other related supplies and medical equipment purchased comply with the standard specifications established by regulatory authorities; Establishes inspection procedures applicable to medicines, other related supplies and medical equipment and takes immediate quality assurance measures on deliveries;
  • Follows up that medicines, other related supplies and medical equipment are being cleared from customs and delivered to the stores and that insurance claim is lodged in case of loss, damage, etc;
  • Organizes an efficient transit service to insure proper handling and timely clearance of imported medicines, other related supplies and medical equipment.
  • Takes appropriate and timely measures on any claims pertaining to the supply of damaged medicines, other related supplies and medical equipment with unacceptable quality and date of expiry;
  • Monitors and evaluates delivery performance of suppliers to establish a database on reliable suppliers of medicines, other related supplies and medical equipment and price (includes assets, service, etc) and reports findings every six months;
  • Chairs drug selection and quantification committee meetings and activities; Chairs health and pharmaceuticals procurement committee meetings and handles decisions accordingly;
  • Submits monthly stock movement report of the central store and quarterly report on sales, stock movement and expiring items;
  • Evaluates price fixing or revision proposals for management decision based on contemporary market and operation cost assessment. Regularly monitors market situation, assess price of other related organizations with respect to the services provided by health and pharmaceuticals.
  • Evaluates existing sales conditions, sales possibilities, product and service lines offered and competitor’s strategies to promote sales of product. Works closely with the Business Development and Marketing Service to ensure efficient and effective sales and marketing activities

Work Unit/ Project/ Program:- Essential Drug Program.

Terms of employment: – Permanent after probation period

Grade :- XIII

Job Requirements

  • Second /First Degree in Pharmacy and Other related field of study.
  • 8/10 years related work experience out of which 3/5 years in managerial position

How to Apply

We invite candidates meeting the required qualifications to fill out the employment application form from the official website of the Ethiopian Red Cross in vacancy menu and e-mail to before the closing date of this announcement on November 18, 2021.

Qualified women are strongly recommended to apply!

Please note that we ONLY consider those who filled in the application form and send us back.